“Dr. Prasit” revealed the heavy COVID round Have a worrisome underlying disease Point out the dead no less. Kidney failure – blood does not supply limbs.

“Dr. Prasit” revealed the heavy COVID round People with worrisome medical conditions Point out the deceased, not the lung damage. But death from kidney failure – blood does not supply limbs, suggesting to reduce 4 risk of repeated virus and always mutation

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Date 10 Jan. Prof. Dr. Prasit Wattanapa Dean of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University said The new coronavirus outbreak is more severe and different from the first. By many factors Since the beginning of the orbit Illegal immigration offenses Anonymous Investigate the origins of difficult diseases The severity of the disease from becoming entangledEspecially people at risk In which the lungs do not work fully When the virus attacks the respiratory system, it can damage 10-20% of the lungs until the lungs do not come back.

Including 1. Elderly When I get older And organs will deteriorate over time. 2. People with lung disease. Such as lung disease, lung cancer, emphysema, even the lungs have been slightly damaged. Will affect life greatly The body will deteriorate quickly. 3. People with heavy weight. With subcutaneous fat Or under the abdomen Including diabetics This group was at risk for more difficult breathing. Because the windshield is difficult to move Make the lungs work less

Prof. Dr. Prasit It said research has found when COVID 19 enters the body. Immunity is fully functional on the 2nd or 8th week after exposure to stop or help prevent the disease. If the immune system is normal for the first few weeks, it becomes fully functional and then gradually decreases, so a group of people who have been infected, but do not show symptoms and recover on their own if their immune system is not normal. Because there is an underlying disease That requires medication to suppress the immune system

such as Diabetes who cannot control their own sugar levels Vascular disease White blood cells cannot manage pathogens. These people who are exposed to COVID 19 will have severe symptoms. Patients with severe symptoms, not just lung damage But there were many who died Because kidney failure, blood does not feed on the limbs The severity of the infection also affects other organs. Therefore, people with underlying diseases are at even greater risk.

“The nature of all viruses, not just COVID 19, is constantly adapting, known as mutations. In the UK, it is found that COVID 19 is more easily transmitted and faster.

Therefore, each other must help reduce the risk factors. That becomes a crisis: 1. Meet with a risky person. 2. Being in a risky area 3. Participate in risky activities 4. Going at risk times All Thais have to deal with these 4 risks. As far as possible according to the factors and conditions of their own life No need to wait for the state to issue measures There is no need for compulsion. This is what we will help protect the lives of ourselves and those we love, ”Prof. Prasit said.

Thai MPs Won Thai people to create their own health.

Dr. Suprida Adulyananda Fund Manager for Health Promotion (Thai Health) said that people with congenital disease. In particular, chronic non-communicable diseases or NCDs, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidneys, heart, arteriosclerosis, and cancer, have a five times higher risk of COVID 19 than the general population, with 4.8 million people with diabetes in Thailand. UNIATF (United Nations Inter Agency Task Force Mission to Thailand on Noncommunicable Disease) reports that people with obesity have a sevenfold increased risk of developing COVID-19.

While the problem of overweight children and young people increased by 13.1%. Increase the risk of up to 1.5 times and drinking alcohol results in the body’s immune system. In the fight against the virus is lower Even with only one heavy drink Therefore, we should always take care of our health. Because a good body is a major cost To combat all diseases, not just COVID-19, and to raise the bar to protect ourselves, those around you and at risk.

By wearing masks, regularly washing their hands, spacing them away from themselves to become a person at risk It’s like we’re creating a behavioral vaccine against infection. Both while the vaccine hasn’t come yet Or even have a vaccine These health-promoting and disease-prevention behaviors should also be continued in parallel.

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