Dr. Nicolae Olteanu, the angel of the Brașov Ambulance, DIED. Student, about their LAST discussion: He was nicknamed “DAD”. He wrote a chapter that should be told to all students

Dr. Nicolae Olteanu, the miracle doctor of Brașov, passed away, to the great pain of the medical students, of the colleagues, of the family and especially of the patients. Rareș Cosmin Popa, a passionate student of medicine and ambulance, made amazing revelations about Dr. Nicolae Olteanu, exclusively for DC NEWS.

The medical system in Brașov is in mourning, after the former coordinator of the Ambulance Service of Brașov County (SAJ), Dr. Nicolae Olteanu, passed away last night, at the ATI section of the Emergency County Clinical Hospital.

The legendary doctor of the Brașov Ambulance, a modest man dedicated to his profession, who saved thousands of lives in his career, suffered from an incurable disease, but remained in the memory of those who knew him, and the information of his passing is over also on social networks.

Doctor Nicolae Olteanu became famous in the online environment last year, when, on May 21, he returned from his last race before retirement, and his colleagues prepared a big surprise for him, they welcomed him with open arms and -they thanked him for the life lessons offered and offered him the last moment of his career in Apața, the place from where he started his activity in medicine for the first time.

Rareș Cosmin Popa, medical student, about Dr. Nicolae Olteanu: He was nicknamed “DAD”

Rareș Popa is a medical student, and out of his love for this profession, for three years, he got involved in volunteer activities on the Ambulance.

“An angel came to Heaven among the angels.

I had heard Dr. Olteanu’s name many times before I became a volunteer at the Braşov County Ambulance Service and that’s because in the place where I initially volunteered, I had met a person who worked at SAJ Braşov. And, of course, just as everyone heard about the doctor only well, that’s exactly what I heard from the stories, stories that seemed to come from the well-known medical series that all medical enthusiasts know.

My debut as a volunteer within SAJ Braşov was, of course, defined by emotions, but also by the curiosity to know Dr. Olteanu in person.

I had learned from the beginning that, among my colleagues, he was nicknamed “DAD” and it was not very difficult for me to understand why. Modesty, gentleness and kindness were the first characteristics of the doctor, which you noticed immediately, without too much effort “, said Rareș Cosmin Popa, exclusively for DC NEWS.

“Dr. Nicolae Olteanu did not write only a history sheet, but an entire chapter, a chapter that should be told to all students in medical schools”

“All the stories I knew were now confirmed to me by their protagonist, extraordinary stories, borderline situations and I would even add heroic acts, told with extreme modesty. Everyone took part in these moments with admiration, the words- and being as if absorbed by the listeners, whether we are talking about the first air rescues, or we are talking about the funniest events and most importantly about the countless changed destinies and saved lives.

Every time I had the opportunity to volunteer with the doctor, he made sure that I understood exactly what medical procedures were performed for the good of the patient and moreover I was explained in as much detail and as clear as possible the mechanism. anatomical of each disease. Not only I had this honor, this honor had all the employees and volunteers of the Ambulance Service who knew the doctor, he managed to make his mark on the development of each one.

I believe that through his entire activity and all his successes, Dr. Nicolae Olteanu wrote not only a history sheet, but an entire chapter, a chapter that should be told to all students in medical schools, because just as Dr. formerly, this is how all future doctors should be, his dedication for his career and for saving people reaching that optimal level for this profession “, the young student also told us.

“The last words of our conversation are -” Goodbye and good health! ” God needed a good doctor “

“It was sad when the news broke that they were less happy with the onset of the disease, but everyone was confident and all the medical staff around the doctor were trying to do their best for their colleague. About two months ago, m -I met the doctor, then he told me with complete serenity and sincerity what was happening to him.I encouraged him then to be optimistic because things will go well, the last words of our conversation being – “Let’s see each other again “Good and good!” Unfortunately, the reunion did not take place, and the event, which no one expected, happened. The doctor left us only physically, in the souls of those who knew and appreciated him he will always remain.

The doctor has always been an example for me to follow, and today, speaking from the perspective of the medical student, I declare with all sincerity that the man, the doctor, the hero Nicolae Olteanu will forever remain my landmark in my career.

Smooth way, doctor! “, Rareș Cosmin Popa concluded his message about Dr. Nicolae Olteanu.

Who was Dr. Nicolae Olteanu

Dr. Nicolae Olteanu began his medical career in 1985, at the Dispensary in Apața, near Brașov.

At the end of the 90’s, between 01.03.1998 – 01.06.2002, he led the Brasov Ambulance, and in 2002 he gave up this position in order to return to his professional passion – the work of rescuer on the Ambulance.

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