Dr. Azab called 5 sure signs that it’s time for you to check the pancreas

It turns out that a small organ controls several functions of our body at once. If something is wrong with him, then first of all, you will feel problems with the gastrointestinal tractweight loss, pain, lack of appetite.

– If you have any symptoms of digestive problemsyou do not feel like eating, you have problems with stool, you have lost weight for no reason – consult a doctor, – experts at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center on the portal recommend EatThis.

How to understand that there are problems with the pancreas?

Intolerance to certain foods

The symptom is especially pronounced in relation to fatty foods.

– It’s connected with poor exocrine function (production of pancreatic juice – ed.) of the pancreas, – suggested Basem Azab, MD, director of the Department of Surgical Oncology at Staten Island University Hospital.

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