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Dr. Acevedo on hepatitis in children: “It is irresponsible not to study the vaccine as a possible factor”

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The Mexican journalist Ruben Luengas yesterday interviewed the Dr. Karina Acevedoone of the voices of reference during the pandemic that has been explaining in detail and warning of the dangers and risks that society can suffer if it is not reported from an open perspective.

The interview focuses on the context in which Mexico will now begin its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 among the little ones. In it, the scientist explains the data collected, studies carried out and the risks involved for the little ones subjecting them to a treatment never used until now and with unknown medium and long-term effects.

The doctor explains the risks of contracting the disease and the risks involved in being inoculated.

During the conversation, the Doctor Acevedo analyzes the cases of hepatitis that are causing so much concern in the medical community at the moment.

«I am not saying that these cases of hepatitis are due to the vaccine. I’m saying that it is irresponsible not to study it as a factor that it could be. Why? Because they occurred just as those age groups began to be vaccinated.

They say that five or three-year-olds have not yet been vaccinated in some countries. Yes. But they were living closely with people who were vaccinated; some little ones who were drinking milk from vaccinated mothers. We cannot rule out…

In Science it cannot be said that something does not happen. Science can only say that something does happen. And you can say that you found no evidence that something didn’t happen. Y in this case, we don’t even have the studies done before. Not a single study was done to see if a pregnant woman, who had been vaccinated, or a lactating woman who had been vaccinated could transmit the messenger RNA or the spike to her baby and thus possibly produce any events.

Since we don’t know, I find it incomprehensible that you don’t even raise it as a possibility. And study. That’s it.”

Regarding adenovirus 41, Acevedo also stressed that “there is no publication that links adenovirus 41, which is the one that has been put as the culprit and is actually the adenovirus associated with fatness, which reports that it is causing acute hepatitis.”

You can see the full interview in this link

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