DPRKPLH Ciamis Appeals Not to Dispose of B3 Waste Carelessly

DPRKPLH Ciamis Appeals Not to Dispose of B3 Waste Carelessly
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Berita Ciamis, (harapanrakyat.com),- Dinas Perumahan Rakyat Kawasan Permukiman dan Lingkungan Hidup (DPRKPLH) Ciamis, West Java, appealed to the public not to dispose of B3 waste carelessly.

Toxic and hazardous waste from households and health care facilities (Fasyankes).

So, according to the Head of DPRKPLH Ciamis, H Taufik Gumelar, before throwing it into the trash, it must first be trimmed so as not to pollute the environment and have no potential for reuse.

“Basically, if the B3 waste is not properly and properly managed, it will be very dangerous and detrimental to the surrounding environment,” he told HR Online, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

Moreover, waste from health facilities, especially from Covid-19 virus patients. “So, the handling of B3 Covid-19 Infectious waste must be further tightened in the management process,” he said.

Meanwhile, to overcome this problem, continued Taufik, the government through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has released a circular.

“The circular is about the management of infectious waste or B3 waste, and household waste from handling Covid-19,” he said.

Furthermore, Taufik added, for infectious waste that comes from households, it can be in the form of disposable masks. However, what is dangerous is that the mask was allegedly from people in the monitoring of Covid-19 patients.

“We have actually appealed to the public to better use re-washing masks in accordance with the provisions. So that it will not add to the mask waste that people throw away, “he said.

In addition, he also suggested B3 waste, such as medical masks, so that they could be cut into small pieces before throwing them in the trash. This is so as not to pollute and not have the potential to be reused.

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Handling of hazardous waste management in Ciamis

Taufik explained, in terms of handling the management of toxic and hazardous waste, it consists of preparation, collection, transportation. Then, utilization, processing and burial or hoarding.

In addition, DPRKPLH Ciamis has also equipped the garbage officers with closed field clothes, gloves, face covers and field shoes.

“This is to prevent exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to implement health protocols in carrying out their duties,” he explained.

As for the authorities of the local government in terms of temporary storage or collection. Meanwhile, the implementation must be carried out by RSU, health service, puskesmas and clinics, and others that produce medical waste.

Taufik explained that the medical waste includes used syringes, blood collection needles, transfusion needles, and medicine bottles. Then infusion bottles and transfusion bottles, PPE, medical masks.

“As for the level of transportation and beyond, that is the authority at the ministerial level,” he said.

Meanwhile, for health facilities, whether it is a hospital, puskesmas, polyclinic, clinic, doctor’s practice and midwife, must have a temporary storage area (TPS) for B3 waste.

“Fasyankes is obliged to have these facilities, especially during a pandemic like today,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the authority of DPRKPLH Ciamis in this case is to coordinate, develop and supervise the temporary storage of B3 waste.

Then, report it to the West Java Province Environmental Service and the Ministry of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, based on the report on the manifest results of the Health Care Facilities in Ciamis Regency.

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“Especially during this pandemic, reports of Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 infectious medical waste will continue to be monitored. This is to avoid the hazardous waste emergency in Ciamis Regency, “he concluded. (Ferry/R5/HR-Online)

Editor: Adi Karyanto

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