DPR Asks the Government to Prepare to Anticipate the Spread of Monkeypox

The Covid-19 handling system can be part of dealing with monkeypox.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA–Commission IX DPR asked the central government to anticipate the transmission of monkeypox. according to the World Health Organization monkey pox has caused a global health emergency.

Vice Chairman Commission IX DPR Emanuel Melkiades Laka Lena said that although cases of transmission of monkey defects have not been detected in Indonesia, the government must be prepared to prevent the spread of the disease. “We will encourage the government to really prepare, both in terms of providing information, providing information, providing clearer and clearer explanations, simple, so that the public knows how to understand this monkeypox disease properly,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (June 2). 25/7/2022).

Commission IX of the DPR encourages the government to carry out prevention efforts and prepare steps to overcome the transmission of monkeypox. Monkeypox is an animal disease that is transmitted to humans and can be transmitted from human to human.

“We have to start thinking about how to prepare infrastructure, and health workers are starting to be prepared to anticipate if this (disease) enters the country,” said Melki.

He said that the government must ensure that health workers and health service facilities, including health centers, are ready to handle the transmission of monkeypox. In addition, he stressed the importance of strengthening surveillance on people who come to Indonesia from abroad, especially from countries with cases of monkeypox transmission.

According to him, port health offices should be prepared to check travelers coming from abroad to detect the transmission of monkeypox. Considering that the disease, which was originally only contagious in the African region, has now spread to Europe, America and Asia.

Party Politicians Golkar This emphasized that the model for handling the transmission of Covid-19 during the pandemic can be used as a reference in dealing with the transmission of monkeypox. “This system that has been built, along with everything we have done, can be part of the way we deal with it monkey pox (monkey pox),” he said.

The Ministry of Health has activated the system surveillance at all entrances to the territory of Indonesia to prevent the spread of monkeypox. According to the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, the Port Health Office (KKP) checks the body temperature and health of every traveler who comes from countries with cases of monkeypox transmission.

In addition, the government has prepared laboratories and health service facilities to overcome the impact of monkeypox transmission. Maxi explained that monkeypox was characterized, among others, by symptoms of fever, skin disorders in the form of rashes or red spots, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin.

According to information published on the official WHO website, monkeypox can be transmitted from animals to humans through direct contact with blood, body fluids, or skin and mucosal lesions of animals infected with the virus that causes monkeypox. While transmission of monkeypox from human to human can occur due to contact with respiratory tract secretions, skin lesions from infected people, or objects contaminated with the virus.

The incubation period or the interval from infection to the appearance of symptoms of monkeypox is usually six to 13 days, but can also range from five to 21 days. According to WHO, increasing awareness of risk factors for disease transmission and educating the public about the actions that need to be taken to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus are the main strategies in preventing transmission of monkeypox.

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