Dpcm, Conte: “I exclude new generalized lockdown”. Franceschini: “Hello exceptions for cinemas and theaters”.

There is expectation for the Dpcm on the new anti Covid rules. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, from Taranto, mentions the timing of approval: “We will try to fire him as early as this evening. I’m returning to Rome, there is a meeting with the regions, so we would like to try to enact anti Covid – he comments – And I would exclude a new lockdown, we say it with good reason because we have worked to prevent it. If this curve were to continue to rise, I foresee some limited lockdown but we are no longer in the situation of closures throughout the territory or on large areas “.

From the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini, on the other hand, there are answers to the numerous appeals from the entertainment world regarding this the contents of the new anti-Covid dpcm that the government is preparing to launch. “The number of spectators in cinemas and live shows will not be reduced.”


And Franceschini reassures again: “I continue to read interviews and statements or to receive appeals from the entertainment world on the alleged willingness of the government to reduce the limit of 200 people indoors and 1000 outdoors for live entertainment and cinema. There is no such risk . In the dpcm these limits will be confirmed with the confirmation of the possibility of the regions to derogate. And the exceptions up to now granted with regional ordinances will be subject to their own with the dpcm “.

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Conte, on the other hand, specifies: “With the latest circular from the Ministry of Health, we will also be able to reduce the quarantine from the initial 14 days. We also have the possibility of introducing new, even faster tests”.



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