Dozens of people arrested who wanted to squat a house in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the police arrested dozens of people who planned to squat a house. The group had attended the housing protest in the capital and had split from the demonstrating crowd. According to the police, these are supporters of the squatters’ movement, and not “regular demonstrators who participated during the housing protest”.

According to the police, violence was used against officers, and the demonstrators tried to erect barricades with furniture from a terrace. According to the police, they were planning to squat a house on the Gravenstraat, behind the Nieuwe Kerk on Dam Square. The group was locked in before that building could be squatted.

Push, pull and hold back

“Violence was used against police officers who were there,” said a police spokesman. “They wanted to prevent something from happening there. It was pushing, pulling and stopping. We did not accept that. We went ahead and the whole group was closed in, and arrested.”

According to the police spokesperson, traces were found that they were trying to get in. New hinges and locks were also found. It is still a bit restless on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and the ME has carried out charges.

Housing protest

Earlier today, thousands of people in the capital demonstrated against the housing crisis. According to the municipality of Amsterdam, more than 15,000 people attended the protest. The protest went well, police said. “This is a bit of a blemish on a very well-run demonstration. It went relatively quietly and orderly,” said the spokesperson.

The demonstrators spoke out against sky-high house prices, rising rents in the private sector and the severe shortage of social housing. The protest started at 2 p.m. in the Westerpark, after which the protesters marched towards Dam Square.


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