Dozens of People Arrested After Preventing Arrest of Kiai Jombang’s Son

JakartaPolice forces surrounded the Ponpes Shiddiqiyyah Jombang to forcibly pick up the DPO for the molestation case of Moch Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Mas Bechi (42). A group of people resisted when the police tried to force it, until finally dozens of people who were obstructing the arrest process were arrested.

Reported detikJatim, there were dozens of people who were arrested and transported by trucks by police officers. The tension at this location resulted in the police being injured.

This police operation met resistance from the pesantren. The resistance resulted in one member of the East Java Police Satbrimob being injured in the right hand.

The injured member was then pulled out and taken to the hospital in a Bhayangkara ambulance. There was tension when the police received resistance. However, the brutal actions of the MSAT followers were able to be tamed by arresting a number of masses from inside the Islamic boarding school.

At the location, there was a joint apparatus from the East Java Police, Jombang Police, and Brimob. They began to surround the Islamic Boarding School Shiddiqiyyah around 07.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, the victim’s companion, Nun Sayuti, confirmed the siege. Currently, Nun was around the hut. “Yes, I was at the location,” said Nun, Thursday (7/7/2022).

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Watch Video: DPR Leaders on the Case of Kiai Jombang’s Child: Don’t Be Indiscriminate!

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