Dozens of bodies swept in the Indian Ganges River, Allegedly Covid-19 Victims

NEW DELHI, – At least 40 bodies of victims Covid-19 reportedly swept over the edge Ganges River, north India.

The discovery took place on the border of the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, with local authorities not understanding how the body came to be.

Several other media reported that the number of bodies that had been swept away was around 100. From their condition, it is believed that they had been stranded for days.

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Ashok Kumar’s local office moved quickly by asking residents about the alleged discovery of the remains victims of Covid-19 that.

“There is a possibility that they are trying to get out of Uttar Pradesh,” Kumar explained. Later the body will be buried or cremated.

Media India NDTV was launched BBC Monday (10/5/2021) reported that several bodies were swollen and burned.

They ended up in the Ganges River with the suspicion that they entered into a cremation ritual for victims of the corona virus.

Local residents said they suspected that his own family had abandoned the corpse in the river.

The reason is in addition to the lack of wood for the cremation process, and the increasing burial costs.

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Chandra Mohan said the hospital began to rob the families of patients who had no money.

“They asked for 2,000 rupees (Rp 386,354) to remove the body from the ambulance,” said Mohan.

Not to mention the costs they have to pay to pay the priest and prepare the cremation materials.

“The river is their last escape. So, many families throw their bodies into the river,” he continued.

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This news happened when India was still struggling with the second wave of the corona virus which was so deadly.

Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, “The State of Bollywood” reported 22.6 million infections and 246,116 deaths.

Experts believe that the actual number of the Covid-19 tsunami that hit is much higher than the official government figure.



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