Dozens injured and thousands evacuated in big fire in Antalya (photos, video)

20 helicopters and more than 400 firefighters are involved in extinguishing the flames

At least 50 people were injured and thousands evacuated due to a large forest fire that is raging in the Turkish district of Antalya, BNT reported.

At least 4 active outbreaks have been reported, the worst being in Manavgat, 75km from the popular resort. The fire destroyed dozens of hectares of forest and reached residential areas – several industrial buildings and many residential buildings. There was also a danger of an explosion at a gas station on the highway to Alanya. However, fire crews managed to repel the flames.

20 helicopters, 103 firefighters and over 412 firefighters took part in extinguishing the disaster. Turkish authorities say there is currently no danger to tourists in Antalya.


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