Double serving of free games at the Epic Games Store

Last week thanks to free games on the Epic Games Store platform, we shed blood, sweat and tears in the trenches in Verdun and tried to defend our base from intruding enemies.

From today, we can activate two titles again, when you can go straight from a frenetic action to Zen train driving.

The smaller developer studio Terrible Posture Games is best known for its indie shooter Tower of Guns, and Mothergunship is the kind of spiritual successor in which you will sweat when a huge portion of bullets from strange enemies or giant bosses flies at you.

In addition, the game places great emphasis on crafting, where you can create all sorts of interesting weapons with the help of a modular system. And if you feel sad while playing, you can invite a partner, as the game also supports online cooperation.

You add the title to the library here.

However, if you are not very interested in frenetic shooting, you can calm down while driving a train in Train Sim World 2 from experienced matadors from Dovetail Games.

You will export faithfully processed replicas of locomotives to one of the several local tracks, which can also be visually modified in the livery editor.

For the actual play, you can then decide whether to go for a ride or start the local “Journey”, where you will have more than 24 hours of fun, where you will meet various challenges and scenarios.

The game can be activated here.

You have time to activate until August 5.

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