Double champion! Buchinger managed it and won the second title in OKTAGON


The icing on the cake and twenty-five minutes of non-negotiable battle. Ivan Buchinger and Vojto Barborík prepared an attractive spectacle for the spectators in the Ondrej Nepela hall in Bratislava. Only one warrior could rejoice. The happier was Buchinger, who was more experienced, who managed the end of the whole fight better and, with his performance in the fifth round, tilted the win to his side. After winning the title in the light weight division at the end of January 2021, he added a spring weight belt less than nine months later.

Robert Pukač tormented Mátý Kertész in the main pre-match of the evening. After a fifteen-minute fight, the Hungarian rancher rejoiced, who was a little more active during the whole match. A year ago, Kertész fell in the title battle for the king of the velterweight with David Kozma. Since then, however, he has scored three victories and is once again attacking the top positions in the OKTAGON MMA rankings in his weight category.

The bloodied Gábor Boráros asked his girlfriend for a hand in a cage after losing to Lebout


The third defeat in a row was suffered by Gábor Boráros, who was not enough in the agreed weight of up to 79 kilograms for Mickael Lebout. The French rooster kept the whole match of the Slovak sock away from his body and did not allow him much in three rounds.

Vlasto Čepo covered Kostić with a series of hard blows and after 50 seconds the match ended


The first match of the main card and a lightning performance, which he showed against Miloš Kostić Vlasto Čepo. The home fighter did not worry much and finished the 33-year-old Serb in the first minute of the opening round after a burst of hard blows. Bojan Veličković also succeeded in the first round, sending Carl Prater to the ground with a hard kick to the abdomen. After the second victory, the Serbian veteran UFC is one of the best fighters of the velterweight.

František Fodor’s problems continued. The Slovak wrestler did not weigh the weight limit on Friday. In the end, the 31-year-old fighter could not enter Saturday’s match because he suffered from stomach problems.

“After the weight, I tried to replenish fluids, but my body did not accept it. I started vomiting due to great dehydration. An ambulance came for me, I received an infusion, but I signed a reversal because they wanted to hospital me, “Fodor described his health problems.

There will be meat, the Czech wrestler promises. Who is GrilMMaster?

“Health comes first. I’m sorry mainly for myself. I trusted myself, prepared honestly, invested a lot of time, but also money in preparation. But that will not be lost! “Fouš’s opponent Matouš Kohout commented on the cancellation of the duel.

Štefan Vojčák, who stayed in the cage for only 29 seconds, prepared a brisk start to the Bratislava tournament in its premiere in a professional MMA. Ukrainian wrestler Yevgeny Golub could not resist the home runner and the decision came very quickly. On the contrary, the other two duels had to be decided by the judges, who attributed the triumph to other Slovaks Matej Šurin and twenty-year hope to Roman Paulus, who defeated Szymon Rakowicz in an even battle.



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