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A pedagogy of the written and drawn letter.

Éditions deux-cent-five are committed to publishing the first book on the Toulouse Scriptorium. This typographic and calligraphic creation workshop, created within theToulouse School of Fine Arts in 1967 by the architect and painter André Vernette, left a lasting mark on the French typographic landscape.

This book, particularly documented, reconstructs this extraordinary educational adventure. It is the result of four years of research work, initiated by Juliette Flécheux — graphic designer and author — at the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse (DNSEP, isdaT, 2018), continued — as a researcher — at the ‘National Typographic Research Workshop (ANRT, 2021).

The book exposes the context which precedes the opening of the workshop in order to draw up the state of typographic creation in France and abroad. Through the testimonies of students, the book takes a look at the humanist pedagogy of Bernard Arin (1938-2019), successor to André Vernette from 1982 and director of the workshop – which has since become private – until its closure in 2005. File Scriptorium of Toulouse also addresses the notions of filiation and transmission. By presenting contemporary typographic works and by questioning the pedagogy practiced today in France, Switzerland and Spain, it manages to demonstrate the impact of the pedagogy of the Scriptorium of Toulouse.

During its forty years of existence, the Scriptorium de Toulouse has trained many type designers and calligraphers, including François Boltana, Rodolphe Giuglardo, Franck Jalleau, Claude Mediavilla, Thierry Puyfoulhoux, Kitty Sabatier, and, more recently, Xavier Dupré and Jeremie Hornus. For the first time, this book — nourished by numerous unpublished documents from public and private archives — highlights the capital, but little-known, role of the Scriptorium of Toulouse in the revival plan for graphic design and typography initiated by Jack Lang , Minister of Culture, in 1982.

Book launch on Wednesday, May 11 at 7 p.m. at the figuré.e festival at the José-Cabanis media library in Toulouse, in the presence of the author Juliette Flécheux and in partnership with the Ombres blanches bookstore and Toulouse Typo festival.

Auteurs: Juliette Flécheux, Manuel Sesma Prieto, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Jan Middendorp

Contributors: Mathieu Chiva, Matthieu Cortat, Xavier Dupré, Rodolphe Giuglardo, Jérémie Hornus, Franck Jalleau, Richard Lempereur, François Leroy, François-Marie Mallet, Stéphane Mazet, Claude Mediavilla, Laura Meseguer, Floriane Mothes, Christophe Pons-Capitaine, Émilie Rigaud, Stéphane Rouget, Véronique Sabard, Kitty Sabatier, Agnès Vidal-Saint-André

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