Doskozil & fiancee give in to pressure

He respected “the decision” of his fiancee Julia Jurtschak not to take up the job in his office, commented Hans Peter Doskozil yesterday on Facebook. The partner of the SPÖ governor of Burgenland had posted on Saturday – 24 hours after it became known that she should just get a 5,000 euro job from her future husband – that she “did not want to expose herself” and “shocked” by them Reactions to her fast job. And they were really violent.

Even in SPÖ people shook their heads over nepotism

Not only the political competition, but also some Reds were horrified that exactly Doskozil, who likes to rise to Mister Saubermann, wanted to commission his German partner to build social markets in Burgenland. Doskozil would have been her direct superior. The salary would have been paid by the state of Burgenland.

Jurtschak, who is supposed to marry the Red one in May, worked in Cologne in the event area. So never worked politically.

The SPÖ Burgenland had announced on Friday that their qualifications had been proven and obviously underestimated the extent of the excitement.

Doskozil is now trying to pull the emergency brake. After all, he had only recently won the Absolute in Burgenland. With this action, he has now got some scratches again.

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