Dortmund – Bavaria: New York is hot for the Bundesliga summit – Bundesliga

This giant summit moves not only Germany, but the whole world!

The Bundesliga classic between Dortmund and Bavaria will be broadcast tomorrow (6.30 p.m.) in 205 countries. Probably the biggest advance spectacle is already running in the world-famous Times Square.

This is how New York is getting hot for the Bundesliga summit!

US broadcaster ESPN and the DFL use the “ABC SuperSign” to draw attention to the game – one of the most famous advertising spaces in the world. A video trailer and XXL graphics can be seen on the world-famous square throughout Friday.

The DFL is once again setting new standards in international marketing.

In addition, ex-stars like Philipp Lahm (38), Lothar Matthäus (60), Jürgen Klinsmann (57), Claudio Pizarro (43) and Giovane Elber (49) have given around 60 interviews for media from all over the world in the last few days.

During the game, there will be fan events in numerous large cities with appropriate corona protective measures. Including Buenos Aires, Havana, Cairo, Mexico City and New Delhi.

In the past few years, Bundesliga clubs such as Frankfurt, Bayern and Schalke had already opened external offices. Now the next US offensive in the league!



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