Dorota Chotecka-Pazura crushed! A tragedy at the house of the “Ranches” star. “Life is not just about beautiful moments”

Dorota Chotecka gained immense popularity thanks to the role of Norek’s wife in “Honey Years”. Then we could watch it in the hit “Rancz”, for example.

The star is very popular with her fans, who are eager to follow her next steps on Instagram, where Radosław Pazura’s wife is very active.

Usually, she shares these nice moments with people or delights with a figure in skimpy bathing suits.

Recently, however, the actress shared very unpleasant news with Internet users. She had to face the departure of a very important member of their family recently.

They are about a beloved dog named Misia. Chotecka posted a video on the network consisting of photos of the female dog with her owners.

“Our Bear is gone. Life does not only consist of these beautiful moments …” – wrote the actress movingly.

There were tons of comments from fans under the post. People began to sympathize with her. Many noticed that the departure of a quadruped is a great pain because it is a family member.

“I am very sorry, my heart is breaking that they are with us for such a short time in this earthly valley”, “Sweetie. I’m so sorry … I know what you feel”, “Oh God, it was fine”, “Gosh, I’m so sorry. Such a young dog “,” I feel sorry for you, I hug you “- we read.

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