Dorna president talks about “failure” in Portimão: «It was badly promoted» – MotoGP

MotoGP is experiencing a period of apparently less interest at a global level, both in terms of the number of viewers, as well as spectators watching the races ‘in loco’. The numbers are there in some circuits, they have been talked about, but for the president of Dorna there are only two cases in which it is possible to speak of “failure” in this particular. “This season we had two failures: Mugello and Portimão. The others were perfect. [jornalistas] like to get into the story. I’ve been at this for 30 years and I’m used to it. And here I tell you, it is not true. If you analyze, in Qatar they had the same as always, in Indonesia it was full, in Argentina almost full, in the United States they had more people than in the previous year. Portimão went wrong, because he was badly promoted”, shot Carmelo Ezpeleta, then talking about what happened in the Algarve. “It was a promotion problem. He also said that the fact that he was close to Jerez may have had an influence. And if there are mistakes, they have to be recognized and fixed the following year. In Jerez it went well. It is not true that there were fewer people. After that we went to France, a complete success. A total success of a man who, even without Quartararo and Zarco, was also successful. He promoted himself well,” he highlighted.

Ezpeleta also revealed that the MotoGP World Championship continues to be attractive and even spoke of several interested in hosting races. “Right now we have six Grands Prix open that are asking to take place. That shows whether you’re healthy or not, the rest doesn’t matter to me. What you can’t do is be like an ostrich and say you don’t have a problem in a certain place, when you have it. And this year we only had it in Portimão and Mugello. I just spoke with Germany and the tickets are practically sold out – and there are no Germans. I spoke with Holland, in a place where Verstappen is now king. All these things , putting Portimão in such a way that it doesn’t ‘play’ with Jerez, that Catalonia doesn’t fall, are things we analyze. But the most beautiful news is ‘a big drop in spectators’. Well, well, thank you, thank you very much”, he concluded. ironically.

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