d’Or – Politics. Dijon Fair: “Unbelievable that no decision will be taken”

Laurent Bourguignat’s full press release

“In a month to the day, November 6, 2020, the Dijon Fair is supposed to open. This is one of the most important economic events in our city (6 million euros in spinoffs) and one of the most popular gastronomic events in Burgundy Franche-Comté, with 160,000 annual visitors.

However, with the Covid 19 pandemic, the 2020 edition will probably be canceled. If a cancellation would be understandable, it is unlikely that no decision will be officially taken on this subject 4 weeks after the event. The Mayor’s silence is incomprehensible.

A truly mobilized mayor would not leave in uncertainty the thousands of actors mobilized by the fair: exhibitors, salespeople, stand fitters, security companies, security, cleaning etc … who deserve consideration. He would be fully involved alongside the organizer of the event, to stem the financial consequences of a cancellation, and also to imagine events in town likely to bring the “fairground spirit” to life in this exceptional fall.

While the lack of ventilation in Hall 1 poses a problem in terms of health, the central hall and its metal arch date from 1956, this episode again raises the question of our equipment, the Exhibition Center, owned by the city. , which seems less and less suited to hosting events of this type.

A project for a new Exhibition Center becomes essential. It would also find its place in an ambitious economic recovery plan. “

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