d’Or – Live. Covid-19: the shopping race before containment?

3:10 p.m. Reconfinement: MP Didier Paris reacts

“This measure, which takes into account the experience acquired last spring, is made absolutely necessary by the very negative evolution of the pandemic on our territory, as in most European countries, including those which had been little affected during the first wave, “said Côte-d’Orien deputy Didier Paris in a press release.

“We must support, through the efforts of each and every one of us, this lucid and necessary decision, just as the Prime Minister developed this morning before the deputies. […] While the French overwhelmingly approve of these measures, national union should not be just an abstract idea. It must be reflected in each of our acts and rule out unnecessary controversy. This is all the more necessary as we relive, this morning, an absolute tragedy, that of the horror of a terrorist attack in Nice which claimed the lives of 3 people. My saddest thoughts are with their families, their loved ones. “

15h06. The Chamber of Trades remains open

In a press release released Thursday, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts indicates that despite the re-containment, it is continuing its action “in the service of craftsmen”. “The offices remain open at the usual hours and the reception is done in the respect of the safety rules. We recommend the craftsmen to make an appointment beforehand via our platform. https://artisanat-bfc.fr/detail-offre/covid-19/contact. One of our advisers will contact them very quickly. “

“The telephone receptions also remain open throughout Burgundy Franche-Comté.” Contacts for the Côte-d’Or: 03 80 63 13 53 / relanceartisanat21@artisanat-bfc.fr

14 h 17. Basketball: all regional senior and youth competitions suspended

The Bureau of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Basketball League announces the suspension of all regional senior and youth competitions until December 31, 2020. “All matches that cannot be played during this period will be postponed to subsequent dates, depending on the evolution of the health situation. The League office has also validated the cancellation of the BFC Basketball Cup for the 2020-2021 season. “

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1:52 p.m. The shopping rush before confinement?

“There is stock everywhere”, assured Michel-Edouard Leclerc, Wednesday, inviting customers not to replay March 2020. However, some have still decided to be (too?) Far-sighted, evidenced by the toilet paper department at the Intermarché of Fontaine-lès-Dijon this Thursday morning.

13 h 40. People at the Toison d’Or in Dijon

This Thursday at midday, the parking lot of the Toison d’Or was well occupied as were the aisles of the shopping center. Many customers are anticipating by making their Christmas gifts for fear the lockdown will last longer.

All traders confirm that the flow of customers was much greater this morning than a classic Thursday holiday. At Nespresso, some people come to fill up on capsules for example

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12:25 p.m. What remains open, what will close

From Friday, “non-essential” businesses will close, as in spring. The parks and public gardens can remain open, as well as the florists for the weekend of All Saints.

>>> We take stock here.

11 h 20. The French rugby federation will freeze the competitions this weekend

Like football, basketball or cycling, rugby has also decided to put itself on hold this weekend. The FFR has thus decided to freeze the matches scheduled for this weekend. In National, the displacement of the Dijon stadium in Blagnac – scheduled for this Saturday – is therefore postponed. The same goes for CS Nuits, which was to play a late match of Fédérale 1 at Bédarrides.

11 h 10. The women’s DFCO continues, the amateurs at a standstill

Meeting this Thursday morning, the French Football Federation “took the decision to suspend all the competitions of Leagues, Districts, national championships of National 3, National 2, women’s D2, French men’s Cups and women and national youth championships (women and men) until December 1. “The National, D1 Arkema and D1 Futsal championships are not affected by this decision. The matches can therefore be played, behind closed doors, ”the authority specifies.

>>> More information by clicking here.

10 h 54. The Dijon cyclo-cross finally canceled

While Sco Dijon had announced that it would maintain its annual cyclo-cross at the parc de la combe à la serpent on Sunday 1 November, but behind closed doors, the recent announcements by the Head of State concerning the health situation prompted the organizers to review their positions.

8 h 16. The certificate available during the day

“It’s the return of the certificate”, Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday. The new version is expected during the day, according to Matignon. It should be used to go to work, go to a medical appointment, assist a loved one, do their shopping, get some fresh air near their home and take their children to school.

8:14 am Parks and markets will remain open

Parks, gardens and markets will remain open, said Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, this Wednesday morning on RTL. Covered and open-air markets are concerned.

7 h 14. The day of the weekend postponed, no JDA-Bourg

Following the speech of the President of the Republic on Wednesday evening, the Steering Committee of the National Basketball League took the decision to postpone the day of Jeep® ELITE and Pro B which was to take place this weekend from Friday. The Steering Committee will take a decision for the days scheduled for November as soon as the government has provided additional details to the President’s statements on professional sport.

7:02 am Update on Emmanuel Macron’s announcements

The President of the Republic detailed on Wednesday evening the measures taken to put a “brutal brake on contamination” to the Covid-19.

>>> Find these announcements by clicking here.

What to remember from Wednesday

>>> The country will be confined again from midnight Thursday, announced Emmanuel Macron. A restriction that will apply at least until December 1. A tolerance will be applied for returns from All Saints holidays. The details of the measures can be found here.

>>> The schools will remain open, with the exception of universities where distance learning will be generalized.

>>> The health situation continues to deteriorate in the region, where we recorded ten deaths in 24 hours (none in Côte-d’Or). Hospitalizations are also on the rise (89 more entries in the region since Tuesday, including 8 in the department). Three more patients were admitted to intensive care in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

>>> Pressure remains on hospital services. More than half of the resuscitation beds in the region are occupied by patients with Covid-19 (50.5%) while the incidence rate is also climbing in the Dijon metropolis. According to the latest figures from Public Health France, it stands at 442 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

>>> The former mayor of Diénay, Jacques Thibaut, died of Covid-19 at the age of 82.

7 hours. Hello and welcome to this new live dedicated to the Covid-19 epidemic in Côte-d’Or and the region.

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