d’Or – Commerce. Dijon: with “Le Chalet”, Belgium comes to rue d’Auxonne

Since Saturday, November 14, gourmets can enjoy the Belgian specialties offered at the chip shop The cottage , at 44, rue d’Auxonne. Sam Bicer and Sylvestre Pinho joined forces for this project that they had been maturing for many months. The first, Parisian by birth and from Dijon since 2006, was the manager, in the same place, of the Ekin Kebab. The second, one of his usual clients, had arrived in Dijon in 2012, coming from Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes), ten kilometers from the Belgian border, bringing “the warm friendliness of the people of the North”, as he slips into a smile .

From oriental kebab to Belgian fries

“We wanted to bring Belgium to Dijon, with its specialties and in a context where the kebab market is reaching saturation”, explains Sam. The two partners have invested € 15,000 to renew the furniture and renovate the premises, by baptizing him The cottage , “To accentuate the rustic and family side”. Due to the confinement, fricandelles, Poulycroc and other specialties, including fresh fries cooked in accordance with the rules of Belgian art, must be ordered to be taken away. Delivery can also be assured.

The cottage , 44, rue d’Auxonne. To order: or; www.facebook.com/sly21000

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