DOPA unveils a way to break the TOP 1 in LoL Season 11 that even a weak player can take advantage of

How to quickly become the top player on a given server in League of Legends?

One of the most famous streamers, who is considered the best mid laner in the world – DOPA – has decided to reveal a secret. Fans watching his live stream could learn how to become the best player on a given server.

The trick seems to be very simple and you don’t need much skill to use it. How to do it?

The first position in the ranking

Each server has an internal ranking. It shows the positions of players depending on what rank they have gained and how many LP points they have. We can check our position, among others, on the website, which offers such statistics. Most players usually dream of first place, which means being the best on a given server.

Jeong is known practically all over the worldApdo“Sang-gil one of the best players in the world, who has been permanently banned for boosting and toxicity (you can read more about his history In this article), still playing and streaming. During one of such broadcasts, he revealed the secret to viewers how to easily knock the leader and win the title of the best player.

Video subtitles translated using the built-in YouTube option may not be accurate.

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After selecting Yuumi, you change Summoner Spelle to smite and teleport one second before the match starts. Then you stick to the forester and steal his campy. This leaves the team giving up the game after 15 minutes. If you do this for 10 games, you will be placed first because you finished the placements ahead of the others. After reaching rank 1 it will appear on, take a screenshot.

Of course, it seems that a brilliant method can have dire consequences. Trolling and special losing of games is prohibited by the League of Legends rules and will certainly result in account ban. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the quick 10 game plan has little chance of success. The user has to start perfectly after turning on the servers and play all the games in a very short time, and the team sometimes refuses to give up.

Even if the account is not banned, further climbing in the ranking may be significantly difficult due to the deterioration of MMRs at the very beginning. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider whether one screenshot will make up for losing your account.

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