Doosan Enerability ensures ammonia decomposition technology

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] Doosan Enervity is seeking to secure an ammonia cracking (decomposition) technology that can be linked to hydrogen combined cycle power generation.

Doosan Enerbility announced the 1st that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Johnson Matthey, a British ammonia cracking solutions company, for cooperation in the ammonia cracking industry at its headquarters on November 30th.

Under this agreement, Johnson Matthey will provide catalysts and ammonia cracking process design technology, while Doosan Enervity will provide the necessary technology for business promotion, such as detailed ammonia cracking process design, manufacturing and construction equipment and materials. Furthermore, they plan to jointly develop an integrated design technology between the ammonia cracking process and hydrogen combined cycle power generation and apply it to future hydrogen combined cycle power plants.

Founded in 1817, Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technology and a UK-based petrochemical process licensing and catalyst manufacturing company, with revenues of 26 trillion won last year.

Ammonia, a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, can store 1.7 times more hydrogen per unit volume than liquid hydrogen, making it an economical “hydrogen carrier”. When ammonia cracking technology is applied to hydrogen combined cycle power generation, the nitrogen generated from ammonia decomposition has the advantage of improving the performance of the hydrogen turbine and increasing energy efficiency.

Doosan Enerability is currently pursuing a national project with the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials to develop an environmentally friendly 50% hydrogen mixed-fire combustor for a 300 MW hydrogen turbine.

“Ammonia cracking, which lowers the barrier to entry to hydrogen combined-cycle power generation, is a key technology that will contribute to carbon neutrality,” said Park Hong-wook, head of Doosan Energy Power Service BG .

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