Door ajar for opening night catering and event sector with 1G policy

In the short term, the cabinet will enter into talks with night catering and events to open these sectors with 1G policy. That said corona minister Ernst Kuipers tonight in the House of Representatives. If the plan goes ahead, it would mean clubs and festivals could start up again, provided every visitor has been tested.

“1G can have a clear impact on reducing the spread of the virus. It requires a significant commitment of people and resources in a certain period, which is already failing in all kinds of places,” said Kuipers tonight after questions from PvdA MP. Ate Chick.

Kuiken said he understood that deploying 1G is labour-intensive, but noted that the sector has been closed since the evening lockdown and may have been hit hardest during the pandemic. “It can offer an opening. The sector also wants to look at this. That conversation must take place in the short term.”


Last week, TU Delft published a study into the effectiveness of 1G, 2G and 3G. This already showed that 1G policy, testing everyone – regardless of whether he or she is vaccinated – is the most effective. Introducing this measure at all other locations except at home, school and work leads to a maximum reduction of the reproduction number of more than nineteen percent. In the most optimal situation in all locations other than school and at home to an almost 45 percent reduction in reproduction number.

During the press conference on Tuesday evening, it was announced that the nightlife and events are still on hold for the time being. The sector has already announced that it wants to demonstrate, if no prospects are offered in the short term.

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