Doom Eternal Preview – Almost finished

Title Doom Eternal
Platform Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stages
Developer id Software
Publisher Bethesda
Release date March 20, 2020

Sometime in the spring of 2019 we already had the chance to play a piece by Doom Eternal. The game was not nearly finished at the time. Developer id Software had just about figured out what the gameplay and setting should be, but not everything was built. The gameplay was reasonably in order, but the levels were not all finished yet. We played some levels that would end up somewhere halfway through the game in the final version, but were by no means optimized. In essence, the journalists present were a first group of testers who were allowed to try out whether the levels were put together a little well and logically.

Fast forward to January 2020. Doom Eternal appears in two months and the development of the game is now largely finished. Everything is finished, the only thing left for the studio is some polishing and fine-tuning. The game is playable from start to finish and we wanted to experience that experience. We started the game nicely, but three hours later we were directed by a member of staff with a soft hand behind our PC. In those three hours we got a nice impression, but you really don’t get that far in that time.

Much bigger

If we have to believe Marty Stratton, executive producer of the game, Doom Eternal is a much larger game than its predecessor, the Doom, which appeared in 2016. According to Stratton, Eternal is roughly twice as large as its predecessor. There are more levels and more locations, and the game offers a much longer playing time than Doom 2016. The team estimates that the average player will need around 25 hours to complete the campaign. Moreover, the game is not only longer; the individual levels are also larger than before. According to Stratton, the levels are also roughly twice as large as in 2016. Moreover, they are more spacious in design. The latter is also necessary, but more about that later.

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