Don’t you declare? They will start deducting your contributions even if you have already opted out once. Employee Capital Plans: an important deadline [10.01.2023]

People who don’t want to save for their future retirement through employee capital plans must file a PPK resignation statement every four years. The four-year period for the first groups of employees is approaching: those who have declared their resignation from the program by March 2019, if they no longer do so, will become participants in the PPK from April and the employer will withhold their contributions for participation in the plan.


Employee Capital Plans are a voluntary program, so while all employees are automatically enrolled, you can forgo your savings. For this purpose, a declaration of resignation from PPK must be submitted.

The complete statement of resignation from PPK is submitted at the workplace – the employer is obliged to inform the relevant financial institution about this within 7 days from the date of submission of the statement. The resignation becomes effective in the month of presentation and, if contributions have been collected in a given month, they are refundable.

The declaration of waiver of savings from PPK is not final, which means that after 4 years the employer will start charging the related contributions again. The employer is obliged to inform the employee about this. It directly follows from this that if you do not want to make contributions to the Employee Capital Plan, you must file a statement of resignation from PPK every four years.

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