Don’t worry, the discovery of a new virus variant LIPI is no more dangerous than the Covid-19 variant

LOMBOK NEWS – Lately there has been a lot of talk about viruses Covid-19 new variants, the new type has different symptoms from before.

The public is concerned that this new strain will be more dangerous than before, however, according to Publich Health England, showing the new variant of the coronavirus does not appear to cause more severe disease than other variants.

Virus Variants CovidThe new -19 was discovered in the UK in mid-December 2020, causing many countries to close back in and out of access because according to scientists, the new variant can spread faster than before.

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However, in the latest study, researchers compared 1,769 people infected with the new variant of the coronavirus with 1,769 people who had what they described as a ‘wild type’ virus.

The two groups were matched 1: 1 based on age, sex, area of ​​residence and time of testing.

“Of the 42 people hospitalized, 16 were infected with the new variant while 26 cases had wild type infections,” said the study, as quoted by from Nikkei Asia, Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

In terms of mortality, there were 12 deaths in the new variant cases compared to 10 in the wild type case.

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