Don’t Underestimate! Mutation Variants of the Covid-19 Virus, Here’s an Explanation of Symptoms and Transmission

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AROUND MALANG RAYA – The current Covid-19 pandemic is still alive all around us. Even though the cases of Covid-19 in various regions in Indonesia have started to decline.

But keep in mind, according to some epidemiologists, viruses are basically always mutating and adapting to existing conditions, making it possible for new variants of Covid-19 to live around us.

Like the delta variant tsunami wave which is also a mutation from the previous Covid-19 variant.

Recently, the Mu variant which is called by many experts as a mutation of the corona virus has also caused concern for some people.

Although actually there is no need to overdo it because it can affect our mental health.

The Mu variant itself is one of the new variants of the corona virus that needs to be watched out for transmission and spread of the virus.

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The infection rate of the Mu variant is still unreachable. However, this Mu variant has the potential to spread faster than other types when viewed from the type of mutation.

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