Don’t Tell Me I’m Imprisoned


While at Bung Karno’s Tomb (MBK), Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini had a chance to meet with laying hens in Blitar. Risma conveyed what was her authority.

During the dialogue with Yessi, the farmer coordinator, Risma was accompanied by the Regent of Blitar, Rini Syarifah and the Assistant for Government and Welfare of the Blitar Regency Government, Tuti Komariyati. Risma then explained the rules and policies that are under the authority of the Minister of Social Affairs and which are outside that authority, namely buying eggs from farmers to be distributed as a component of social assistance.

“E-warung is not my authority. If I regulate it, it’s a violation. See who signed it. If I was protested, I’d be confused about the issue. If it’s under the authority of the Ministry of Social Affairs, I will turn things around,” explained Risma to Yessi witnessed by officials present, Sunday (24/10/2021).

Regarding the problem of falling egg prices, Risma suggest re-engineering breeders. For example, it is made into a cake, because the scheme to maintain the business must continue to change according to market conditions.

Meanwhile, regarding the high price of corn, the Minister of Social Affairs promised to provide assistance. Risma admitted that she had calculated the need for corn among smallholder farmers with the Regent of Blitar.

“About corn, I will provide assistance. But if you are forced to buy eggs, then I can commit a violation. If you want me to go to jail, then,” concluded Risma.

Risma previously also emphasized that the Ministry of Social Affairs cannot absorb chicken eggs as non-cash social assistance (bansos). This is because the social assistance budget regulation from the Ministry of Social Affairs is only for rice spending

“That depends on the e-warung. If the social assistance is only rice. If the eggs are too heavy, we can distribute them. Later, if people break up, we will be scolded again. After all, our budget is only for rice,” he said.

Watch the video ‘Moment of Social Minister Risma Beautifying Bung Karno’s Tomb in Blitar’:

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