Don’t Just Join, Close Holywings

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Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution respond to the call of the Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi to close the nightclub Holywings in its territory.

Bobby admitted that he did not want to join in closing Holywings without a clear legal basis. He emphasized that if Holywings in Medan violated the rules, they would definitely be dealt with.

“That’s why I say for this closure, don’t just because, I’m sorry, because of situations like this, they closed it too but the foundation is not strong,” he said, Friday (1/7)

Bobby admitted that he did not want to join in closing Holywings without a clear legal basis.

“In Medan itself, we want to close a place of business, there must be a basis. There must be a basis,” he said.

President Joko Widodo’s son-in-law thanked Edy for conveying the call to close Holywings.

“Thank you, Mr. Governor, for conveying the call to us for the Medan City Government to close Holywings. However, there are still rules that we must comply with,” he said.

Furthermore, Bobby mentioned the revocation of business licenses for 12 Holywings outlets in Jakarta. According to him, the closing of the bar was not due to the issue of alcohol promotion for the names Muhammad and Maria, but because they did not have a standard certificate of KBLI 56301 type of bar business.

“In Medan, we are still looking at the permits for the business,” he said.

Bobby also responded to the statement from the Chairman of Commission III of the Medan DPRD, Afif Abdillah, who said that the two Holywings outlets in Medan City did not have a license to sell alcoholic beverages. He admitted that he was still investigating the matter.

“We are still looking for the business license. It is still in the process (seeing the business license),” he said.

Previously, the Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi, supported the closure of Holywings in North Sumatra. Edy felt that Holywings’ presence was troubling because they had promoted free alcoholic drinks for Muhammad and Maria.

“To be honest, personally, I strongly support that Holywings in North Sumatra should be closed because it is already very disturbing,” said Edy Rahmayadi, Thursday (30/6).

The former Pangkostrad said that the authority to close down nightclubs rests with the mayor/regent. Edy appealed to regional heads in North Sumatra, especially Medan City, to immediately close Holywings.

“So I urge the head of the district to work together to solve this problem, answer the aspirations of the people by closing the Holywings,” he said.

Holywings distributed free alcoholic drink promotion posters in the names of Muhammad and Maria. The use of this name has drawn public criticism because it is considered insulting to the names of two holy people in two religions, Islam and Christianity.

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