Don’t Ignore It. A ‘Strange’ Foot Feeling Indicates Vitamin B12 Deficiency • Al Marsad Journal

Al-Marsad newspaper: Experts explained that vitamin B12 deficiency can leave strange and disturbing symptoms if left untreated, including sensations that can be felt in the feet.

Experts have pointed out that when vitamin levels are low, nerve cells can stop working properly, which can lead to tingling feet and other more serious problems.

And they continued: A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause “progressive damage” to the nerves surrounding the body, explains Southern Cross, a New Zealand health authority.

They added: Vitamin B12 deficiency can make nerves in the spinal cord less effective at sending messages, due to issues such as loss of a substance called myelin, which vitamin B12 helps make, and myelin enables impulses electrical to travel quickly and efficiently through nerves and spinal cord sends electrical impulses throughout the body, is essential for movement and the communication of sensations between the brain and body.

“When the spinal cord is damaged, early symptoms include difficulty sensing vibration in the feet, loss of position sense, and loss of muscle coordination (ataxia),” Southern Cross explained.

These problems are a sign of a long-term vitamin B12 deficiency. If you experience these symptoms, you will need immediate treatment.

Nerve damage can also lead to problems such as memory loss and vision problems.

According to the U.S. Department of Health, Manute Sinai, nerve damage may be “permanent” if treatment is not started “within 6 months of symptom onset.”

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