Don’t ignore it.. 7 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer • Al Marsad Journal

Al-Marsad newspaper: The British Cancer Research Foundation has revealed 7 symptoms that warn you of severe pancreatic cancer.

There are 7 symptoms that can be considered an indication of pancreatic cancer, which are:

1- Abdominal or back pain: About 70% of people with pancreatic cancer usually suffer from abdominal or back pain.

2- Unexplained weight loss: according to specialists, those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer may have lost at least 10% of their weight before the disease was discovered, and when such a decrease in body weight is monitored without any justification , you need to get an urgent medical opinion, according to the British newspaper “The Sun” on the “Cancer Research” Foundation.

3- Diabetes: specialists link the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with the discovery of diabetes in patients.

4- Itchy skin: People with pancreatic cancer may suffer from itching, due to the increase in bile salts in the blood.

5- Intestinal problems: blockage of the pancreatic duct causes intestinal problems, resulting in diarrhea, change in stool color and abdominal pain.

6- Fever and feeling cold: If you suffer from a high body temperature and a constant feeling of cold from time to time, you should consult a doctor, as this could be an indication of pancreatic cancer.

7- Indigestion: Indigestion is an indication of pancreatic cancer if the problem persists despite visiting the doctor and taking the medications he prescribed.

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