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JAKARTA – Bring slogans # 3MinChargingCukup, realme 7 Pro ready to be present in the Indonesian market. His presence is the new reason for Realm to reap more realm fans in the country.

Realme is a brand that continues to grow to always be able to provide the best technology to its users. No exception in matters of “collect”. Over time the company continues to improve this sector by not only providing large battery capacity in each of its products, but also fast charging technology which continues to be improved. (Also read: Prevent bad things from happening, here are 4 tips for safe playing Tinder)

Realme Understand that as a brand that represents young people, an active lifestyle is something that cannot be separated. Therefore a smartphone which is not only qualified in terms of specifications and trendy designs, it is incomplete if you don’t have a reliable battery.

This is the reason why That’s right is serious in developing and implementing the latest battery charging technology from time to time.

Initially, Realme provided battery charging technology of up to 20W VOOC Flash Charge which can be found on devices such as Realme 3 Pro, Realme X, and Realme XT. In this technology the battery turns on smartphone can be fully charged in just about 60 minutes. Back then, this feature was a cutting edge with competitors only playing at a charging speed of 15W which required an hour of charging time.

Then the world returned to present the latest technology charging problems via the 30W Dart Charge which can be found on the Series 6 line and realm numbers smartphone Realme Tekini. Through this technology, the battery dmy smartphone Realme can be filled to half its capacity in about 30 minutes.

Once again the facts prove that fast and safe charging technology is possible. In fact this figure is increasing again on smartphone realme X2 Pro with 50W charging, which allows the phone battery to be fully charged in just half an hour.

Now with the presence of Real 7 Pro which will be held next week, Realme presents 65W SuperDart Charge technology. Through the 65W 10V 6.5A power input, the battery in Realme 7 Pro can be charged up to 13% in just 3 minutes. Through this technology, young Indonesians who are super busy or don’t want to leave the world of social media to keep updating on the latest news can continue to do so.

So the realm invites the public, especially young people, to be part of the realm of Fans. and don’t miss watching the realme 7 Pro with SuperDart Charging 65W # 3MinChargingEnough. The cellphone will officially launch on October 14 through a live broadcast on social media accounts and official websites realme Indonesia at 13.03 WIB. (Also read: Pangdam Jaya, Anarcho Group Suspect Behind the Riots in Jakarta)


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