Don’t get demoted to league two – wrestling

Due to the reorganization of the Bundesliga and the reduction of teams, the wrestlers’ goals in RKG Freiburg are different from those of the last ones.

. With a home match and derby against TuS Adelhausen, the 2022/23 Bundesliga season for RKG Freiburg starts this Friday (20: 30 / Staudingerhalle). Objective: relegation. Why, since RKG has made it to the playoffs for the past two seasons?

The League: Once again the Bundesliga has given itself a new structure in wrestling. This time she has (reasonably enough) lost weight. Three first division groups have become two, 26 teams have become 16 teams. And below, the second Bundesliga has been revived. For RKG Freiburg this means: the team made up of freestyle coach Ion Vasilachi and Greco-Roman coach Stefan Moosmann, who replaced Luigi Tascillo, now competes in the West Group against seven competitors: home SV Neck, Red Devils Heilbronn, KSV Kllerbach, KSV Witten, ASV Urloffen, ASV Mainz and just the opening opponent TuS Adelhausen.The way: All teams fight 14 matches in a second leg. The top three teams from the west and east groups qualify directly for the playoff quarter-finals. Between Christmas and New Year’s, the fourth and fifth classified will determine the two remaining quarter-finals in a two-player match and a cross-match (fourth group west versus fifth group north and fifth group west against fourth group north). And now comes the reason why RKG Freiburg’s claims are not this year’s playoffs, but the championship: in both Bundesliga groups, two teams are relegated. Sixth place in the west and east groups is enough to stay in the league, but those who finish seventh and eighth are relegated. “There are teams like Kllerbach and Adelhausen that we can’t compete with. Rather, our goal is to leave teams like Halsheim and Urloffen behind us in the standings and create some surprises against teams like Witten and Mainz,” explains the 30-Moosmann, coach One-year-old RKG, who works as a teacher in a business school in Schopfheim. Everyone involved considers it good that this year the wrestling championship can be completed in one go and that the almost mandatory break due to the anticipated world championship date this time (last week) does not take place.

The innovations: Apart from the reduction of groups and teams, this year there are pleasantly few changes that spectators can expect. Battle time, mode, number of foreign athletes per team (four): everything has remained the same. Exception: the minimum age for athletes who are used in the Bundesliga has been increased from 14 to 15 – and the start of these young wrestlers is tied to conditions such as participation in the German youth league or membership of a national team of federation. This is to avoid – especially in the lightweight classes – that random youth wrestlers who are in no way at Bundesliga level are used to fill squads.New Arrivals and Departures: Three wrestlers left the RKG, three joined, each in the starting weight classes. For Mirko Rodemich (return to Schwabisch Hall) Giovanni Freni was carried in the classes up to 61 and 57 kilos in classic style. The Italian has fought so far for TuS Adelhausen. Sascha Weinauge has always fought for his home club, KSK Furtwangen, in the Oberliga. The mid-1920s, brother of former national team wrestler Nadine Weinauge, this year finished third in the German championship in classic style. He will replace the Moldovan Mihail Bradu in the class up to 86 kilos. In the freestyle heavyweight division, Nick Matuhin, Olympic holder since 2012 in London, ended his active career due to health problems. The RKG has signed for him the Ukrainian Oleksander Koldovskyi (formerly Httigweiler), behind the multi-medal winner at the European and World Championships Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (Kllerbach) the number two of his country in the limit of up to 130 kilos.

The program: This has probably never happened before at RKG Freiburg: they start the season with four home matches in a row. The occupation plan of the Staudingerhalle, where the Breisgau team plays their home duels, is responsible for this. After TuS Adelhausen this Friday, SV Halsheim (1 October), Red Devils Heilbronn (3 October) and KSV Kllerbach (9 October) are guests in Breisgau. Then the Breisgauer will not be able to go beyond southern Baden, on 15 October the RKG will fight at ASV Urloffen. On 23 October, the Freiburg squadron then welcomes ASV Mainz before traveling to Witten for the final round of the preliminary round (29 October). In the second half of the season, the RKG enjoys home rights only twice: against Urloffen (3 December) and on the last day of the fight in what could be the decisive duel for staying in class against Witten (17 December).

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