Don’t expect new Note series phones this year, confirmed Samsung

Fans of Note products will not see the new model this year. After a long tradition of Galaxy Note smartphones forming together with the Galaxy S series, the manufacturer’s offerings are being pulled to the sides to make room for an ambitious range of Z Fold and Z Flip folding models.

Samsung to confirmed through a letter from the director of the mobile division, Tae Moon Roha, where the city introduced the new Galaxy Note model will enrich other models with its features.

The reason for skipping this series is, of course, more than just the advent of a new, dazzling smartphone series. The lack of ip forces manufacturers to compromise and prefer one model over another. For a similar reason, for example, the start of the S21 FE model had to be postponed internally (for more see The first mobile in the absence of ip. Samsung m delait dleit model).

At the same time, the future of the Note series was considered last autumn, when Samsung had to tighten its production cocks due to customer unrest. This could also be one of the reasons that the manufacturer encouraged to take a full break with these models. And in the end, the top model of the Galaxy S series was able to support the S Pen, which, according to Notm, removed the exclusivity.

But beware, Samsung will of course want to hit the fans of the Note series. This will be done by the flexible Galaxy Fold, which is said to be the docking point for the S Pen electronic pen this year. In fact, the Galaxy Note does not disappear, it has just evolved into a new form. As a result, I like to go to great lengths.

Existing classic forms of smartphone with a pen can do nothing but expect. The possibility of getting such a phone into their pockets in a new form is, of course, more. On the one hand, Samsung only missed me for one year, so that the five songs would get back on stage. We can get a new Note for you in some FE edition, just like the Galaxy S. Or you have to slowly laugh at the fact that these models are over and share one of the new flexible models.

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