Don’t come if you can obey the law: Warning to India | Brisbane Test Jeopardy

Brisbane നാല Uncertainty over the fourth match of the India-Australia Test series. The Indian team has expressed dissatisfaction with the government of Queensland, which includes Brisbane, which is scheduled to host the fourth Test. Teams must once again be subjected to a 14-day mandatory quarantine when they arrive in Brisbane ahead of the fourth Test. The Indian team wants this to be avoided. However, the Indian team management has not officially commented on the matter. The fourth Test is scheduled to start on January 15 at Gabba Stadium.

However, the Indian cricket team, which has already completed its 28 – day quarantine ahead of the tour of Australia, is no longer interested in staying in the quarantine. The team members were in Dubai for 14 days after the IPL before arriving for the Australian tour. After arriving in Sydney, they again spent 14 days in Quarantine. India’s position is that the 14-day quarantine in the same series can no longer be accepted.

‘Look, before we arrived in Sydney, we were in Dubai for 14 days on quarantine. After arriving in Sydney, he spent another 14 days in Quarantine. Shortly after arriving in Australia, we were in a tough bubble for about a month before landing on the field. We do not want to be in the quarantine again just before the end of the series’ – the centers associated with the Indian team responded to ‘Cricketbusy’.

‘We don’t want to go to Brisbane if we want to be locked in a hotel room again. At the same time, we are ready to play the remaining two Tests at another venue and return home, ”she said.

Meanwhile, Queensland Health Minister Rose Bates MP’s announcement that the Indian cricket team should not come here if they are not ready to abide by the rules has caused controversy. Responding to a question about being on the quarantine again, Rose Bates MP’s announcement that ‘the Indian team should not come if the law can be obeyed’. The Queensland Sports Minister also rejected India’s demand.

However, if the rules in Brisbane remain strict and the Indian team refuses to go there, there are indications that the fourth Test could be played in Sydney itself, the venue for the third Test.

Five stars in isolation

Meanwhile, the Indian team was shocked to learn that five Indian cricketers had left the Bio Secure Bubble and gone to eat at a hotel without following Kovid’s rules. Test team vice-captain Rohit Sharma, Shubhman Gill, Rishabh Pant, Navdeep Saini and Prithviraj Shah have been accused of violating the protocol. The Australian and Indian cricket boards have announced a joint investigation into the incident. The incident took place just before the start of the 3rd Test against Australia in Sydney.

All five have been removed from the India and Australia squads, but the rest will continue training, the Aussie board said. The Indian board is likely to support the players. According to the BCCI, the players have been allowed to go out and eat while keeping a social distance. However, according to rules issued by the Australian Board, players are not allowed to eat inside restaurants. Do not use public transportation.

കൻ Fan-given work

A fan named Navdeep Singh tweeted pictures and video of Indian stars eating on New Year’s Day. He tweeted that he had paid the bill of about Rs 6,600 and that Rishabh had embraced the ball. And a picture of the bill. Cricket boards have intervened after Twitter pictures and videos went viral. However, when the incident was criticized as a violation of Kovid rules, the fan came out with an explanation: ‘The ball never hugged me. That said, it’s a thrill. We intervened keeping in view the social distance, ”Navaldeep said.

English Summary: ‘If you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t come’ – Team India receives a strict warning



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