Don’t Buy First, Next Month New Car Tax Can Be 0%


Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) hopes that the proposed 0% new car tax can be implemented next month. Previously, the proposal for relaxation in the form of cutting Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) had been submitted by the Ministry of Industry to the Ministry of Finance.

As stated by the General Chairman of Gaikindo, Yohannes Nangoi, currently the association is still waiting for the results of the discussion from Ministry of Industry with the relevant ministries. The hope is that there is positive news from the meeting.

“We hope that in the fourth quarter (it will take effect). It should be September, but now it is the middle of the month, later when it comes out at the end of September the hope is October, November, December, at least (0 percent new car tax) already running, “said Nangoi, to detikOto via telephone, Thursday (17/9/2020).

Nangoi continued, this tax relaxation is expected to help stimulate the purchase of new cars by consumers, especially during the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Because the automotive industry is an industry that involves a lot of other industries. Starting from the thousands of component industries, almost 90% of the purchases use a financing company, and there is still insurance, spare parts, including aftersales, these are the industries involved. The automotive industry really has a problem, so the impact will be tremendous. So new breakthroughs are made. One of the talks is how the government can provide tax relaxation, “said Nangoi.

“So we think, every car sale must pay taxes, the difference from off the road price to the on the road price is the tax collected by the government. So if possible, for example the government provides a little relief, so that the price becomes competitive. so that people want to buy cars again, because the ability to buy cars is still there, but the problem is desire or appertizer (stimulant) to buy a car that has not yet appeared. Hopefully, given this relaxation, the desire or desire to buy a car will arise, so that the economy can go around again. The point is there, “explained Nangoi.

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