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The scene when astronaut Mark Watney tries to survive on Mars. – Have you ever imagined what if unexpected things happened to you astronaut.

Maybe we have ever imagined, how the activities and lives of the people astronaut of space.

Such as eating, sleeping, defecating, taking a shower etc.

However, have you ever imagined if something unexpected like death befell the people astronaut while running a mission on space?

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As an example, their sailors who died in the middle of a long sea voyage were usually preserved in a special refrigerator.

Even if it was not possible to carry them ashore, the corpses had to be thrown overboard.

Meanwhile, what happened to astronauts?

What about their corpses, if in the end they die while on a mission in space?

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Quoting Daily Mail, astronauts have to spend 7 months in space to reach Mars.

If successful in surviving the long journey, the astronauts will face the extreme climate on Mars.

The US aerospace agency (NASA) has set a goal of putting humans on Mars by 2030.

American billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of the company SpaceX, has also expressed his ambition to get people to settle on Mars.

If an astronaut died on a Mars mission, it would take months, even years for the body to be transported back to Earth.

This raises the question of what happens to the human body if it dies in space?

Experts suggest various ways to solve this problem.

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First from being left in space to being buried on Mars, but his remains need to be cremated first to avoid damage to the stellar environment.

In the worst case, the dead astronaut will be used as food, if the other astronauts experience a shortage of food and water.

On this possibility, bioethicist Paul Wolpe said, “If that’s the only way to survive then that’s acceptable, but only if there’s no other way.”

American billionaire Elon Musk once said, “If you want to go to Mars, be prepared to die.”

NASA does not currently have specific regulations on how to solve the problem of astronaut death in space.

If an astronaut dies during the 286 million km journey, his remains can be stored in a cold compartment, waiting for the spacecraft to land on the surface of Mars.

But if cooling isn’t an option, the dead astronauts may be resting in space.

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Catherine Conley, of NASA’s Office for Planetary Protection, told Popular Science, “There are no specific instructions, either at NASA or at the international level, regarding burials. astronaut who died outside the universe. “

The problem is, the body astronaut will remain on outer space in the desired position forever.

If all missions Mars using this approach, the time will come when the road leads Mars filled with the dead, according to Daily Mail.

The moment of the astronaut set foot on Mars, they will face new challenges.

One of them is radiation, estimated to be 700 times more than on Earth.

Astronaut die in Mars must be cremated, preventing harmful agents such as bacteria from leaking into the environment.

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