Don’t be like that anymore, Nunez


Luis Suarez know how difficult it is Premier League for newcomers. Therefore, Suarez asked Darwin Nunez to stay balanced.

Nunez became Liverpool’s new frontline pillar and conceded two goals in their first two official matches. He then started against Crystal Palace in the second week.

Unfortunately, the match ended 1-1 as Liverpool played with 10 men after Nunez was sent off for a header against Joachim Andersen. Nunez had to accept criticism here and there in exile for three parties.

The red card ruined Nunez’s adaptation process so that he had a quick goal for more than two months. Nunez then ended his lack of goals in Liverpool’s 2-3 defeat to Arsenal earlier this month.

That match became Nunez’s momentum because he was calmer on the pitch and was able to score four goals in his last five games, including when Liverpool beat Ajax Amsterdam 3-0 in the Champions League on Thursday (27/10 / 2022) early this morning.

Slowly but surely, Nunez has begun to adjust to Liverpool’s style of play, although Nunez still likes to be selfish and waste opportunities at times. Nunez realized that the red card against Palace was a stupid act.

The 23-year-old admitted he received a phone call shortly after the incident from Luis Suarez, his major in the Uruguayan national team and former Liverpool player. Suarez gave him advice and now the results are visible.

“Obviously it’s nice that not many people are willing to take the time to write to you – what Suarez did was very important to me,” he said. Darwin Nunez to ESPN.

“Luis is a model, an idol all over the world. I’m just getting started, it’s still easy and he knows everything because he played for Liverpool in the Premier League,” added Nunez.

Luis said that things like this happen in every Premier League match, the players will come after me, they will have fun with me and I have to strengthen myself and never repeat the same mistakes. “

“He said: ‘Listen to the advice of an idiot like me’. I really appreciate that message and also his kindness towards me.”

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