Don’t Avoid, The President Should Face Us

JAKARTA, – Vice Chairman of the Confederation of Associations Labor Indonesia (KPBI) Jumisih regretted President Joko Widodo’s working visit to Central Kalimantan at the time laborer roll out rally reject Work Creation Act.

Jumisih pointed, President Jokowi shy away from labor.

“The president is avoiding, no gentle yes. You have to face us who want to meet, “said Jumisih to, Thursday (8/10/2020).

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Jumisih said it was at this moment that President Jokowi should have heard the aspirations of the people.

According to him, even working visits to the regions could actually be postponed due to the urgent demands of some elements of society.

“He said that the President of the people, he said he wanted to listen to the aspirations of the people, he said that being President for the people, should (meet workers) be done,” said Jumisih.

It is known that the Presidential Palace in Jakarta will be the location for demonstrations by a number of elements of society who reject the Job Creation Law.

This demonstration is the culmination of a wave of community protests after the passage of the Job Creation Law through a plenary meeting at the Indonesian Parliament, Monday (5/10/2020).

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Not only in the center of power, a wave of demonstrations also occurred in almost every region.

They refused because there were many regulations in the Job Creation Law that were deemed to take away people’s rights, including elements of labor.

For example, the abolition of a certain time work agreement (PKWT) which is considered to be increasingly massive in enforcing contract work.


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