Donovan Mitchell explains the big “trap” for players in Orlando


Having now all joined the Disney World bubble, the players of the 22 teams present on site must acclimatize to a whole new environment. One of its components may prove to be very tricky, according to Donovan Mitchell.

Like each of the franchises concerned by the end of the NBA season, Jazz and its members have recently taken up residence in Orlando. Among the faces we expected to see disembark at Disney World, those of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were present. The two stars even took part in their first training session at the site’s facilities on Friday.

But more than seeing them land together in Florida, it is their agreement on the land that will be very much observed in the weeks to come. The last four months have seen a real divide between them, before Mitchell came to calm everyone down with a statement to extinguish the fire.

The explosive rear seems to have left this episode behind, and is now more concerned about his life in his new environment. He was for example part players who were very worried about food which had been served to them when they arrived there.

These latest fundraisers, he has since had time to note other peculiarities of everyday life that he will have to face for the next two months minimum. For Eric Walden of Salt Lake Tribune, for example, he listed two challenges that promise to be complicated for players to manage.

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Jazz back Donovan Mitchell compared the Orlando experience to the AAU circuit. “I can’t tell you the last time I trained at 6 a.m. He also said that one of the big challenges will be trying to eat healthy: “The temptation to eat snacks is there, that’s for sure.” “

With its conditions of residence in hotels and its training schedules arranged according to the large number of teams present, the Orlando bubble effectively recalls the AAU circuit. The latter brings together the best high school prospects each summer, and has notably seen Donovan Mitchell parade in his ranks.

The biggest challenge according to Spida, however, is still related to food, but this time to the sins of gluttony that could occur in Orlando. In particular, we saw in the first videos of the players that sachets of candy and other sweets had been distributed to them by the league.

In the absence of personal chefs to regulate their nutrition, some could afford some deviations. While Joel Embiid worries with humor to become the skeletal adolescent he once was in these new conditions of life, Donovan Mitchell, for his part, feeds the opposite fear.

The wounds ? Risks linked to the pandemic? The results of his team? No, Donovan Mitchell seems definitely obsessed with food, and worries about giving in to the temptation of snacks.

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