Donner Unveils New Entry-Level Essential D1 Drum Machine at NAMM 2023

Donner, developer of the B1 analog bass synthesizer, showed off a new prototype at NAMM 2023—the Essential D1 Drum Machine, a 12-channel sampling drum machine.

This is a drum machine aimed at the entry-level market, and they wanted to offer a simplified and intuitive user interface with a workflow for real-time recording and step sequencing.

Facing the feature-rich or even complicated drum machine products on the market, this “minimalist” drum machine product aims to provide users with the necessary functions. As a sampling drum machine product, as long as it can provide sensitive feedback, it can provide a sequencer for programming, and at the same time ensure the stability of the performance—in this case, if the price is affordable enough, it will definitely have a lot of users of.

As a sampling drum machine, the matching sound material is an important part. The developers said they will cooperate with Loopmaster, it can be seen that the sound content should not be too bad.

Price: $249, will be officially available in May 2023.

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