Donnalisi between accusations and recriminations – Big Brother VIP

Antonella explains to Edoardo that in order to have a relationship he must understand the reasons why they broke up

After the chess game, Antonella and Edward they return to discuss. The truce would seem to be over and the wounds that one inflicted on the other are resurfaced.

The fencer claims that she cannot have any kind of relationship with the radio speaker, because there is a lack of trust. What has been seen in the seen, Edoardo’s goliardic attitude, his strong words, the interactions with Oriana. There are so many little things that become huge for the VIP, when they add up in disrespect.

“You have to understand how things went, it’s not how you think” Edoardo defends himself, who for a long time tries to explain to the fencer that he is misrepresenting what happened. His intention was not to have fun with other women or to cause her pain. He was angry, says the VIP, but he didn’t flirt with Oriana or play childish provocations to annoy her.

Antonella is unable to hold back, but Edoardo asks her: “If you don’t care why do you keep telling me about it?”

“You have to understand why we broke up, you have to empathize with me” says the fencer, only in this way could there be a remedy, a hope. Understanding what her eyes have seen and what those images might have meant to her is one way to try to have a relationship. Of friendship or coexistence or of another nature it is not clear, says the VIP, but at the moment she remains resentful.

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The two contestants finish their accusations in a deafening silence, muffled by the darkness and the warmth of the blankets. How will they spend their night?

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