Done: Robin Olsen to Sheffield

The transfer was confirmed a few minutes after the “deadline day”.

“After Aaron Ramsdale’s move to Arsenal, we have filled the void by joining established international goalkeeper Robin Olsen,” Sheffield wrote on its website.

The club left the Premier League last year and now houses the English second league The Championship.

“See you soon”

Olsen – who guarded Sweden’s goal during the European Championships this summer – has been a reserve goalkeeper in Italian Roma and most recently the other day, national team captain Janne Andersson expressed concern about the goalkeeper’s playing time at the club.

A few minutes after the lending became official, Olsen commented on social media.

“Glad to join Sheffield United. Longing to get started. See you soon “, the goalkeeper writes on Instagram.

Sheffield announces that the last paperwork was completed “late on Tuesday”.

The loan contract extends over one season.

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Lionel Messi made his debut in PSG’s away win Photo: TT

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