Donation of Disinfectant Production Equipment for Cengkareng Hospital

Report from Tribunnews Journalist, Choirul Arifin

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – To support eradication efforts Covid-19, PT + HOCL again distributed a number of production equipment disinfectant to Cengkreng Hospital.

A total of 5 pieces of production equipment disinfectant imports from Korea were handed over to S Division of Public Relations + HOCL Patrick Chandra to the Service Division Cengkareng Hospital, dr. Asih Permatasari, Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Patrick Chandra said the tool was given to PT + HOCL for free Cengkareng Hospital to produce fluids disinfectant independently and practically.

This tool as big as a water kettle is easy to carry because it is portable and only requires 280 ml of tap water and then mixed with 0.3 grams of salt to produce liquid. disinfectant.

This tool works to convert salted tap water into hiploclorite acid.

“This product is quite easy to make, just by mixing a little water and salt, then wait a few minutes,” explained Patrick, Saturday (10/10/2020).

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To test its acid content, add Patrick, water disinfectant simply spray onto a piece of paper. If the color gets purple over time, this indicates hyplchloric acid content. The more purple the color, the higher the acid content, so viruses and bacteria will die quickly.

Service Division Cengkareng Hospital, dr. Asih Permatasari said, this tool will be used to treat ODP, PDP and suspect patients who are seeking treatment or undergoing treatment at Cengkareng Hospital.

After they are finished being treated, the bed and treatment room will go straight disinfectant use this tool.

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