Donate blood safely / Over 350 citizens came to the Freiham campus

Over 350 blood donors came to the Freiham campus, including 68 first-time donors. (Image: BRK Aubing)


For the second time, the BRK successfully offered a blood donation appointment on the new Freiham campus. A total of more than 350 donors came to the new district. “We are pleased that we were able to welcome a large number of blood donors to Freiham for the second time,” says Ramona Gesche, blood donation officer at the Aubing BRK readiness group. The first blood donation appointment in Freiham took place last October.

68 First donor

“The scheduling of appointments and the spacious rooms in the new campus are currently ideal for people to be able to donate blood safely,” says the BRK. The organizers of the blood donation appointments in Aubing and Freiham are the two BRK readiness teams Aubing and Pasing in cooperation with the blood donation service of the BRK. A total of 357 people came to donate on the two days. Some of them have been to a blood donation for the first time. “We are very happy that we had 68 first-time donors among the donors and hope that the first-time donors – as well as the many people who already donate regularly – will come back,” said Ramona Gesche.

“Rotkreuzhaus not big enough”

In previous years, the appointments took place in the Rotkreuzhaus Aubing. “This is currently not possible because the rooms in the Rotkreuzhaus are not big enough,” explains Ramona Gesche. “With the Freiham campus, we have found a good opportunity to be able to offer blood donation despite the pandemic – and we are sure to do that for everyone involved.” Until further notice, there will only be appointments there. “Of course we hope that after the pandemic we will be able to receive blood donors again at both locations – in Freiham and in Aubing.”

There will be two more opportunities to donate blood in the west of Munich this year: on June 14th and 15th, and October 18th and 19th, from 3pm to 8pm. In order to ensure a smooth process, every donor currently has to make an appointment in advance to donate blood. In addition, there is a requirement to keep a distance and a mask. If you didn’t have time at the last appointment, no problem: the blood donation service of the BRK offers appointments throughout Bavaria all year round. You can find them under on the Internet.

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Contact and information

Due to the current situation, it is recommended to check again shortly before the blood donation date whether and when the appointment takes place. If people are unsure whether they are allowed to donate blood due to trips abroad, taking medication or illnesses, they can also use the free donor hotline of the blood donation service and clarify questions in advance. He can be reached on 0800/11 949 11 between 7.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. More information at on the Internet.

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