Donald Trump’s special right on Twitter will be revoked if he loses the election

KOMPAS.comTwitter have a special policy which applies to leaders and presidents around the world.

The policy in question is to label posts by leaders who are deemed to have violated Twitter regulations, such as tweets containing hate speech, propaganda, to hoaxes, instead of being deleted.

Usually, if a regular Twitter user sends out such a tweet, the tweet will be deleted, or worst of all, their account will be temporarily frozen.

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This policy itself is given because tweets uploaded by world leaders usually have news value, even though the posts are controversial.

Well, the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump is known to have this special privilege. This is known from several of Trump’s tweets that were recently marked for violating Twitter policy.

One of them is Trump’s controversial tweet claiming that the Democrats have rigged the US presidential election.

The tweet is considered to violate the rules of the Twitter game, because it has the potential to cause debate and possibly in the form of hoaxes about the US election.

Since he is currently a leader, users can still see Trump’s tweet if they press the “View” or “View” button.

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Well, if Trump’s position as President of the US is officially removed by his challenger, Joe Biden, his Twitter account which has about 88 million followers it will automatically not get that special privilege.

This means that without any special rights, the company from San Francisco, California, USA will delete a variety of future Trump tweets, which are indicated to have violated the rules.

In fact, if Trump violates Twitter’s policies many times, his account could be frozen or deleted by this Jack Dorsey pioneering platform temporarily or forever.

Biden still excels

Until this news was written, the counting of voting results in some US states was still incomplete.

However, as is was launched Bloomberg and quoted KompasTekno, Friday (6/11/2020), Biden has pocketed around 264 electoral votes (electoral votes), outperforming Trump, who has only 214 electoral votes.

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Candidates must pocket at least 270 electoral votes to win the 2020 US presidential election.

Trump himself is still given the opportunity to get the right to Twitter’s special policies until his term ends, namely on January 20.

If Trump officially wins over Biden, then he might still be “spoiled” by Twitter after that date. However, if you lose, this special right will likely go to Biden.


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