Donald Trump Would Lead Joe Biden by 10 Points in Hypothetical Election, Despite Criminal Charges

Donald Trump Would Lead Joe Biden by 10 Points in Hypothetical Election, Despite Criminal Charges

Despite his 91 state and federal criminal charges, former United States President Donald Trump would lead the current president, Joe Biden, by 10 points if a hypothetical election occurred today.

According to a poll by The Washington Post/ABC published this Sunday, the Republican would win with 52 percent of voter support against 42 percent for the Democrat.

Respondents also expressed a poor opinion of the 46th President’s handling of the economy and the border between the United States and Mexico, in addition to his age, which is not an issue of much concern when it comes to Trump.

The considerable margin of the former president’s advantage (2017-2021) in this survey contrasts significantly with other public polls that warn of an eventual tie between the two probable contenders in 2024, the Post noted.

Opinion polls also give Biden bad marks. 56 percent of those interviewed disapprove of the Democrat’s presidency, while facing a crisis of confidence among members of his own party, since nearly 60 percent of those surveyed would prefer a different candidate.

The main criticisms for the incumbent in the Oval Office refer to the management of the economy and the crisis on the southern border as weak points of his administration.

The results of the study give Trump a notable advantage over Biden in the segment of voters under 35 years of age.

The New York tycoon has four pending trials with dates scheduled from October to May 2024, in the middle of the electoral campaign ahead of the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, Biden falls under the shadow of a request for an impeachment trial that has little chance of succeeding in the Senate, dominated by Democrats.

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