Donald Trump warns you that you will not see the NFL if players kneel

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico city / 13.06.2020 23:46:04


Donald Trump, president of the united States, used Twitter to re-express its disagreement with the athletes, who are arrodillen during the intonation of the anthem of your country, so it is likely that you do not see the NFL if the players insist on perform that act.

The governor, who was one of the most blamed for the protests against the racism Colin Kaepepernick, exmariscal field of the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, he did know that you will not see the meetings championship football or MLS, this is due to the possibility that the players show themselves during the ceremony.

All arose after the US Soccer decides to repeal the rule that it forced the players to stand up while you will hear the anthem of his country, which came after Megan Rapinoe decided to support Kaepernik remain with the representative.

The representative from Florida, Matt Gaetz, had pointed out that you should not play under the flag of the united States if they were not able to stand, which took up Trump to write: “Because I will not watch much”prior to note that it is latent that the players of an american rebel, “And it seems that the NFL also is heading in that direction, but not with me watching!”.



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