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Donald Trump Set to Win Republican Primary in Iowa: Latest Des Moines Register Poll Results

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To make a long story short

  • Donald Trump looks set to win the Republican primary in Iowa, according to a Des Moines Register poll.
  • Trump has an approval rating of 48 percent, down from 51 percent in December.
  • Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the polls for the first time.
  • Trump criticizes incumbent President Joe Biden and claims that the United States is on the brink of a third world war.

Sea view

DES MOINES / OSLO (Dagbladet): The state of Iowa is first in the race for who will be the Republican presidential candidate and will hold a caucus on Monday. Unlike regular primary elections with ballots, this is a form of caucus where people have to show up in person and say who they support.

It starts a long season of primaries in all US states leading up to the presidential election on November 5.

The question is whether there is anyone who can stop Donald Trump from becoming Joe Biden’s opponent. In icy Iowa, it doesn’t look like that.

Donald Trump and the other presidential candidates have all been forced to cancel events before the first nomination election in Iowa, as a result of extreme weather. The residents are disappointed. Video: Vegard Kvaale / Dagbladet TV Show more

Devastates measurement

On Saturday evening local time, the long-awaited last poll before the election came from the local newspaper Des Moines Register. The measurement is seen as “the gold standard” for the actual election meetings there and for possible momentum in the election campaign.

BRUTAL: It’s down to minus 40 degrees in the plain landscape of Iowa. This has led to a different election campaign. Here from the place Chelsea Saturday. Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder/NTB Show more

It shows that Trump still fights in a different weight class than his opponents with a support of 48 percent, down from 51 percent in December.

More notably, former Trump UN ambassador Nikki Haley is leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in Iowa polls for the first time.

– Almost jaw dropping

However, pollster J. Ann Selzer of Des Moines, Iowa, who annually conducts the renowned poll, says enthusiasm among Haley’s potential voters is shockingly low.

– It’s almost jaw-dropping. 61 percent of her voters are somewhat enthusiastic or not at all. It does not look promising for a candidate on the way up in the opinion polls, she says.

CANDIDATE: Nikki Haley is closest to Donald Trump in the final poll before the Iowa caucuses, but experts are worried when she sees the numbers. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images/AFP Show more

It can also be a bad signal as to whether people will actually show up in minus 30 degrees.

While Trump seems to be cruising in to it the largest victory for a Republican candidate in Iowa ever, wasn’t there a warm welcome he got in the state with more pigs than people on Saturday night.

– Terrible

The thermometer showed minus 24 degrees when Trump stepped into the lobby of the Fort Des Moines hotel around 6pm local time on Saturday evening. The 45th president of the United States arrived at the reception without a tie and did not look well rested in weeks marked by the election campaign and trial in New York.

As Dagbladet reported on Saturday evening, Trump had to cancel two election campaign events in the small town of Atlantic due to extreme cold, wind and snow.

But just half an hour after arriving at the hotel in the state capital, Trump suddenly appeared on a live broadcast where he held a voter meeting with a dozen lucky voters in the hotel’s ballroom.

– It was awful. It was six meters from the plane to the car, but I almost didn’t get there! But Trump voters are used to showing up and will come forward, he says in front of the audience in the small hotel room.

EXCLUSIVE: Iowa Republican Attorney General Brenna Bird “interviewed” Trump at the event. Photo: CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY / NTB Show more

– Never closer to World War III

He spent far more time lashing out at incumbent President Joe Biden than his opponents in the Iowa caucuses, but had a clear edge to Nikki Haley, who is now closest to him in the polls.

– She is not strong enough to become president.

– The world and the US are in chaos. We are on the brink of World War III and have never been closer to World War III. It will not be a normal war with tanks firing at each other, but weapons of mass destruction. I have seen them. It will be annihilation, Trump said, in his usual hyperbole.

– I want to prevent World War III. I know all these people and they are not going to mess with us. We are being invaded – the only thing Biden can do is cheat in elections and go after your political opponents, Trump said.


New York Times-reporter Maggie Habermanwho has closely followed Trump for a number of years, points out that Trump’s live show, with American flags draped along the walls and a small number of supporters present, shows that he is in practice an incumbent candidate and is running for election with the benefits that come with it.

Trump himself seemed pleased after the results of the Des Moines Register poll:

– Our supporters show that we can win and now we have to appear before President Trump on Monday to finish. We have to show up, says an e-mail from the campaign shortly after the measurement.

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